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Justin Waggoner

Justin Waggoner is your local owner and operator sealing up the homes and businesses of Denton with iFOAM. Justin’s new to the Dallas-Fort Worth area but has already developed a deep passion for the strong moral fiber and small-town feel of the community. Justin comes from a fast-paced background with the Chicago Board of Trade and has previous owner experience within the short-term rental sector. Looking for a change with trustworthy services the Dallas area and beyond could rely on, Justin decided to start his very own iFOAM. When he’s not coordinating the Denton location’s superior insulation solutions, you’ll find him watching a Minnesota Vikings game, spending quality time with his kids, or catching some rays while he relaxes on his boat. If you have any questions about superior insulation or are looking to get a home renovation project started, be sure to reach out to Justin and the friendly staff at your Denton iFOAM.

If you manage to avoid failure, you also avoid success.

- Justin Waggoner