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Brian Handy

Brian is excited to bring iFOAM to the Northern Virignia and Maryland area! As an engineer and leader with one of the largest tech companies in the world, Brian is accustomed to working hard and doing the right thing for others. He’s excited to build a company with iFOAM that delivers a great experience for customers and creates great jobs for the community. Brian's someone who can't stand to sit idly, and has to always move forward and create something new or improve something that already exists. When he’s out of work, you can usually find him either exercising, learning, or spending time with his loved ones. He and his partner, Mali, love to travel and explore new places. He’s very close with his family, who all still live in the area, and spending time with them is what recharges his batteries at the end of the day. Brian is a life-long area resident who was born and raised in Maryland and moved to Northern Virginia six years ago. He loves the the mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas in the DMV. He’s excited to build a company where employees and customers feel valued and know that the owner really cares.


"Dream big, stay positive, work hard, and enjoy the journey"

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