Places to Visit in Nashville, Tennessee

Thriving city with much to offer to travelers

Published: 2023-03-02 11:34:37

Nashville, Tennessee, is a thriving city with much to offer to travelers. Whether you’re looking for delicious southern cuisine, exciting music venues and festivals, or outdoor recreational activities, Nashville has plenty of options. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best places to visit in Nashville.

The Barbershop Theater

The Barbershop Theater in Southwest Nashville, Tennessee, is a theater where you can see some of your favorite plays. The place offers plays, musicals, and readings in an intimate environment. The cast is made up of local actors, many of them rising stars in the theater world. With performances ranging from drama to comedy, this is a great place to catch some entertainment while you’re in town. In addition, you can also audition for a role or take part in workshops and classes. 


DREAM STREETS WEST is a non-profit organization in southwest Nashville, Tennessee, dedicated to helping kids in the community reach their potential. They work with local schools and organizations, providing mentoring programs, after-school activities, and educational opportunities for at-risk youth. They also offer financial assistance to families in need and host special events throughout the year. You can visit anytime to see the latest programs, participate in a special occasion, or get involved in the organization's work.

Pennington Distilling Co.

Pennington Distilling Co. is a premium craft distillery located near southwest Nashville, Tennessee, dedicated to creating unique, small-batch spirits. The company makes premium spirits from locally sourced ingredients harvested in Tennessee. Pennington Distilling Co. is committed to producing only the highest quality of spirits, using traditional methods and innovative recipes that combine both classic and modern techniques. The distillery offers an array of conventional and unique spirits, including vodka, whiskey, gin, moonshine, and absinthe.

Other Things to Do in Nashville, TN: