Best theaters and cinemas in Columbia, South Carolina

You will adore our list of some of the best theaters and cinemas that Columbia

Published: 2023-05-09 07:18:54

Do you remember those days of feeling the anticipation bubble up inside when the lights in the cinema dimmed and you settled into your seat eagerly awaiting what was to come? If so, then you will adore our list of some of the best theaters and cinemas that Columbia, South Carolina has to offer. Whether your idea of a perfect movie night is sharing popcorn with friends or watching an action-packed blockbuster solo on a Saturday night, grab your snack box and get ready for a journey through some of this stunning Southern city's most noteworthy spots to catch a flick! 

AMC Harbison 14

AMC Harbison 14 is one of the most popular movie theaters in Columbia, South Carolina. With stadium seating and digital projection, this theater ensures a comfortable and enjoyable movie-going experience. Plus, their concession stand offers up some mouthwatering treats to enjoy during your film. This cineplex offers 3D and jumbo digital screens, and it often hosts sports events and opera productions, as well as first-run films. 

BTM Cinemas Dutch Square 14

BTM Cinemas Dutch Square 14 is located in the heart of Columbia, SC. This theater offers a variety of movie-going experiences, from premium auditoriums with luxurious recliners to regular and 3D screenings, as well as discount days for those on a tight budget. The concession stand has something for everyone, from popcorn and candy to pizza and nachos. And don't forget to check out their snack bar for delicious snacks like snow cones and slushies! 

Nickelodeon Theatre

Fans of independent and foreign films will love the Nickelodeon Theatre. This quaint art house theater has been a fixture in Columbia for years and boasts one of the largest collections of independent films in the area. The theater also offers unique events, such as their monthly "Moviegoer's Choice" series, where patrons can vote on which movie they want to see that month. What's more, the Nickelodeon Theatre offers suggested donation tickets which makes it incredibly affordable to catch a film here. 

Spotlight Cinemas Capital 8

Spotlight Cinemas Capital 8 is a top place to catch the newest releases in Columbia, South Carolina. This theater features digital projection and 3D screenings, as well as comfortable seating and an extensive concession stand with all your favorite snacks and drinks. The theater also has discount days for matinees, so you can save some cash while still getting to see the latest blockbusters. 

Town Theatre

For Broadway-inspired musicals and classic plays, the Town Theatre should be at the top of your list. This historic venue is located in Five Points and features an eclectic mix of performances throughout the year. The theater often hosts local bands as well as dance and comedy shows, giving you plenty of options for entertainment.  

Longstreet Theatre

Located at the University of South Carolina, this performing arts theater showcases a variety of plays and musicals. The theater often hosts student-run productions, allowing locals to catch up-and-coming talent. It's also home to the Theatre South Carolina performance troupe – an acclaimed company featuring graduates from some of the country's top acting programs.

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