Things to do in Omaha, Nebraska

Whether you are a Nebraska native or just visiting this great state, Omaha is the perfect destination.

Published: 2023-02-16 14:09:42

Whether you are a Nebraska native or just visiting this great state, Omaha is the perfect destination. This vibrant and welcoming city has exciting nightlife and amazing sights for outdoor activities, so you'll never find yourself bored in Omaha. Check out our comprehensive guide below on what to do and see when exploring this beautiful city. 

Visit Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is a must-see destination for any animal lover. Rated as one of the best zoos in the world, visitors can explore up-close exhibits featuring elephants, tigers, gorillas, and much more. In addition, the zoo features two interactive indoor aquariums where you can view over 15000 aquatic animals from around the world. The domed indoor habitats include rainforest ecosystems and deserts, but you can also see open-air animal exhibits like the gorilla valley and the butterfly house. 

Learn About Omaha's History at The Durham Museum

If you're in the mood to learn more about Omaha, you can do that by visiting the Durham Museum. Located in downtown Omaha, the Durham Museum is a great place to experience Omaha's past and learn about its history. The museum offers exhibits, including artifacts from Omaha's early days and recent events. The museum is located in a train station from 1931 and is excellent if you want to learn more about Omaha and the history of traveling. 

Have Fun at House of Conundrum | Omaha Escape Room

Escape rooms are the perfect way to have fun with friends and family while testing your problem-solving skills. At House of Conundrum, you can live a unique escape room experience in Omaha, Nebraska. The escape rooms feature puzzles and clues that require creativity, logic, and teamwork to navigate. Whether experienced or new to escape rooms, you will find our challenge both stimulating and rewarding. Plus, the staff is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. 

Enjoy Nature at Lauritzen Gardens/Kenefick Park

Those who want to spend more time outside should check out Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha's botanical center. It features over a hundred acres of lush gardens and outdoor spaces. Or head to Kenefick Park for a little nature in the middle of the city. Take a stroll under massive trees, or relax by the tranquil pond and waterfall. Enjoy a picnic on one of its many benches or get coffee in the cafe located nearby. There's also a gift shop for those who want a keep-sake. 

Go on a Shopping Spree at Gene Leahy Mall at The RiverFront

Omaha, Nebraska, has many shops and malls where you can go on a shopping spree, but none quite like the Gene Leahy Mall at the RiverFront. This popular shopping destination offers a variety of stores for shoppers, from local boutiques to national chains. You can find everything from clothing, jewelry, books, electronics, and more. With its location on the banks of the Missouri River and stunning views of downtown Omaha, Gene Leahy Mall is a great place to spend the day.

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